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Throughout the years I received many questions as to which phone cards are better for what counties

Throughout the years I received many questions as to which phone cards are better for what countries. In most cases I would say it depends and you have to try and see. There are some rules of thumb, however, that tend to work more often than not. First is that the more expensive phone cards usually provide better voice clarity. It is not always true but in general it is. If you have never bought phone cards before then I suggest starting with a middle price per minute card with no maintenance fees and rounding to 1 minute. For example, most long-term customers prefer Bizon, Jupiter, Continental, Cardinal, and Champion card.

The second piece of advise is that you have to choose a calling card based on what you need to accomplish with your card. If you were about to spend four hours on the phone talking to your friend in France, I would say go ahead with the Penny Boss calling card because it is the cheapest rate per minute and the maintenance fees will not kick in since you are going to likely use all balance within a few days. This card will give you the best bang for the buck. However, if you will call France to talk every two weeks for only 45 seconds a call, a la hi-bye, then the Penny Boss is not a good choice. Here is why: the 89 cents maintenance fee will eat your balance every week and the 45 seconds call will be rounded to 3 minutes. In this case I suggest choosing a card with no maintenance fee and 1 minute rounding instead of three minutes rounding. Again, the previous list of cards comes in handy: Bizon phone card is good, Champion card is very nice too. And remember, in any rate you can transfer balance from one card to another if you happen to not like your first choice. The online account on will allow you to see your PIN numbers for the cards you bought, set up a free 1-800 number for your Continental phone card, enter phone numbers that need to be recognized automatically so that you do not have to enter PIN number if you call from those numbers, and much more. The best part is that you do not need to sign up for long distance. Each MasterBell phone Card provides a long list of local access phone numbers that you can use to call abroad. Just find the phone number with your area code and then you do not need long distance.

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